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Our Experience is your Advantage

R2F provides a full range of commercial drone services and aerial data products. We are experts in acquiring and processing high-quality aerial data products, covering everything from drone mapping and surveys to asset inspections and 3D modeling. If it can be done, we will complete it on time and within budget. The key elements of our services in Australia are professionalism, safety, and quality.

We understand that project requirements vary, whether it involves vertical asset inspections, aerial topographic surveys, engineering tasks, or commercial drone photography and videography. Our role is not limited to merely providing raw data, images, or videos; rather, we collaborate closely with our clients at every step to ensure they receive a custom-tailored solution that precisely aligns with their needs.


Your team will be provided with precise and actionable asset integrity data. Aerial images and inspection data can be accessed through cloud-based asset inspection portals, enabling 3D asset interaction, access to original high-resolution images, and a range of annotation and collaboration tools that are readily available from a web browser.

Aerial Asset Inspection

Wind Turbine • Electrical Infrastructure • Solar • Roof • Bridge & Tower

R2F has extensive experience in UAV inspection across a range of industries, including radio communications, electrical transmission networks, building and construction, drone pipeline inspections, petrochemical facilities, and other industrial sectors. We deploy multiple advanced sensors to ensure that we capture the best possible inspection data. Additionally, we have a wealth of experience in close-range inspections, even in the most challenging environments, including major hazard facilities.

Aerial Mapping & Survey

Mapping • Survey • Aerial Maps • Photogrammetry • Digital Surface & Terrain Models

R2F offers our extensive experience in acquiring and processing aerial imagery. We specialize in producing accurate and reliable aerial surveys, 3D models, and elevation/terrain data. Our team delivers geometrically correct orthorectified aerial imagery by processing acquired drone imagery in-house, utilizing advanced photogrammetry and GIS software.

Aerial Photo & Video

Commercial Aerial Photography • Drone Videography • Construction Drone Photography

We are award-winning aerial photographers equipped with the latest professional drones and cameras. Our expertise lies in delivering professional-grade imaging and videography tailored to our clients’ exact requirements. Our photography and videography services encompass 360-degree photography, aerial imagery, videography, and ground-based photography, suitable for virtually any commercial project.

Drone Data

Progress Monitoring • Dilapidation & Site Assessments • Cut & Fill Analysis • Digital Twins

From precise 3D models, surface and terrain data, to a point cloud that can be seamlessly integrated into your design files, we provide processed aerial data to quantify, track, communicate, and report throughout a project’s lifecycle. R2F’s drone data services equip our clients with the precise information needed to monitor progress on-site and make data-driven decisions, all while meticulously documenting asset or site conditions.

Consulting & Management

UAV Project Management • RPA CASA Compliance & Approvals • Training

R2F has the experience to assist you in achieving professional, profitable, safe, and efficient drone operations. We can support your team by providing processes and training for drone mapping and inspection, guidance on capturing quality data, or procedures for conducting RPA operations in high-risk locations such as controlled airspace, airports, and major hazard facilities. If you need assistance preparing a bid for a major project, we can also provide the necessary support.