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R2F is a leading expert in aerial data for asset inspection, aerial survey, construction aerial photography, and drone imaging services. We utilize a range of high-end ground and airborne equipment to provide high-quality photographic and video data for commercial and industrial projects. By merging drone technology, advanced software, and machine learning/artificial intelligence, we deliver actionable insights and data to our clients.

Meet Jia, he seriously loves drones.

Founder and Chief Remote Pilot. Jia started R2F in 2016 with a vision of crafting custom drone solutions that would revolutionize aerial photography, industrial inspections, and mapping applications. He has been an active contributor to the sector for many years and is now a highly respected expert in the industry.

Jia combined his expertise in project management and safety systems with the diverse skill sets of our team, who specialize in information systems and cloud solutions. Together, we’ve laid the cornerstones and values upon which R2F stands within the rapidly expanding sector of drones used for commercial and industrial aerial inspections and mapping.

About R2F

At the center of our operations is an understanding of our clients’ expectations for prompt and reliable service, a safety-focused culture, and professionalism. With 25 years of experience across different industries and extensive exposure to petrochemical, mining, and engineering sectors, we have learned the values of accuracy, reliability, safety, and professionalism. We carry these values into every project, from thorough project planning and safe on-site operations to processing, reporting, and quality control. We align with each client’s values and objectives to deliver on-time, accurate, and actionable data.

R2F are a CASA certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator (CASA.ReOC.6231) and fully licensed Remote Pilots (RePL). We have also earned accreditation from the Australian Association of Uncrewed Systems (AAUS), Australian Certified UAS Operators (ACUO), and were the inaugural FPV Australia’s RPA Scholarship recipient in 2016. Additionally, we won the Canva & Birdi 2021 Impact through Images Global Drone Photography Competition.

What R2F do

Working as a team, we deliver results in the most complex environments that require vigilant risk mitigation and management, as well as all permits from aviation authorities, government agencies, and regulators. We provide high-resolution, geospatial, enhanced photographic and video data, ensuring that every level of stakeholder in the project is informed and can take appropriate action.

R2F offers cloud-based solutions for instant data retrieval anywhere and anytime. We provide an interactive web portal for all your aerial data that offers tools for measuring, reviewing, annotating, and collaborating with your geospatial data easily and safely.

We tailor-fit solutions to our clients’ specifications, safety requirements, and required deliverables, utilizing a wide range of technologies and systems available to us, including drones, manned aircraft, high-resolution cameras, LIDAR, thermal imaging, multispectral sensors, in-flight command and control systems, and AI.

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Our dedication to excellence in aerial photography has earned us prestigious international awards.

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With CASA accreditation, licensed pilots and comprehensive insurance we are your trusted partner in aerial services.


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