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Got Questions?

What area does R2F service?

Nationwide and International deployments. Check out our google map timeline below.�

How does R2F ensure the safety of their drone operations?

At R2F, safety is non-negotiable. With our CASA certified safety procedures, and extensive experience in major hazards facilities, we prioritize safe operations in the air and on the ground.

Does R2F collaborate with other professionals, such as engineers & surveyors?

We certainly do, and they are the best in the business.

What industries or sectors does R2F primarily work in?

R2F primarily focuses on critical infrastructure, telecommunications, environmental projects, petroleum resources, mining, and the architecture and engineering sectors.

Does everyone at R2F love their job?

You bet! We love what we do. Beyond our passion for our work, we are dedicated to fostering a workplace culture and environment that is second to none. Our commitment to creating a positive and fulfilling workplace experience for every team member ensures that job satisfaction is not just a claim but a daily reality.

Do weather conditions & other environmental factors affect drone operations?

Absolutely! Weather and environmental considerations are an important factor in every job we undertake. Although challenging, we excel at interpreting forecasted weather conditions, understanding terrain intricacies, and accounting for wildlife variables. Some of our drones are designed to handle near gale force winds, and some can even operate in rainy conditions, though we ensure minimal impact on data quality, as even a small amount of water on the lens can compromise results.

Yes, there are many regulations and legal considerations that drone operators need to be aware of. These regulations vary by country, but some common rules and considerations include: Registration, Airspace Restrictions,  Altitude Limits, Visual Line of Sight (VLOS), Commercial Use, Privacy, Safety & Insurance.

How do you handle unexpected situations or emergencies during drone flights?

We maintain formal procedures and provide training that outlines specific actions to take in the event of an unexpected situation. Equally crucial is having highly experienced pilots who can remain calm, think quickly, and adhere to safety protocols during emergencies.

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